Our Dog walkers/sitters are professionally trained to not only walk your dog but also train your dog to have proper leash manners to make future walks with you fun and easy! Each dog walker/sitter wears a Go Pro video camera and we make this footage available to you so you can see your dogs progress. Our dog walkers/sitters are also trained to fit, and will provide, any training aids needed to provide the safest and most beneficial walk for your dog. Fetch Dog Training does not use any form of aversive training and will only use positive reinforcement dog training to work with your pup.

Dog Walking Prices 

  • $30 per 25-30 minute walk 

  • $140 per week

    • 7 Walks

  • ​$450 per month

    • 30 Walks​

Training for pup and Go Pro footage included with every walk.

In Home Pet Sitting Services

  • $25 for day let out

  • $55 for day sitting

    •  includes 1 walk​

  • $200 Weekend Package

  • $450 Week Package

    • ​comes with 1 Private Lesson

  • $800 2 Week Package

    • comes with 2 Private Lessons)