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Welcome to the Fetch Dog Training Family

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Over 16 Years of Training Experience

Our team has trained and owned multiple different breeds of dogs both large and small and we will work with any breed! We have trainers that are certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators and have trained and worked with multiple Therapy and Service Dogs. Unlike most training programs we believe that the best results come from personalized training, where we not only teach your dog to respond to different behavioral commands but we also provide you with new ways to bond with your furry friends. We will teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down and many more, but we will also provide you with the skills to control some of those pesky bad behaviors like barking, jumping and pulling on walks.

There's No Place like Home

Throughout our time with you and your pet we will come up with a training program that specifically targets the unwanted behaviors that you want to improve by using a combination of dog psychology and positive reinforcement. Our group training classes are small, giving your pup the opportunity to socialize with new people and new dogs but still allowing you to get the individual attention you want out of a training class. We will also come to your home or wherever the unwanted puppy behavior occurs to train your dog in an environment where you and your pet feel comfortable and confident.

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