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Mary A, Ohio

I can't say enough positive things about Fetch Dog Training. My dogs and I have successfully completed numerous obedience classes through then, and I take my dogs often for Train and Play dates. They are always kind, positive and friendly. It is the only place I feel enough confidence to ever LEAVE my dogs.

Jodi F, Ohio

I could not have been happier with the hour of training I received! Not only did I receive a true insight into how my dog thinks and how to head off behavior before it begins but she taught me Training methods that have been super useful. As I said I have used many services throughout the years and I would highly recommend and trust Jensen at Fetch Dog Training LLC

Abby L, Ohio

I have done level 1 training, just started level 2, and have boarded with Fetch twice. I love that they teach me how to train him. Each time we go, we are greated with a smile and kindness. I always feel he is in safe hands when we drop him off and Each time we pick him up from Fetch he comes home a little extra "good boy." He loves his friends at Fetch!
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